but I did it anyway.
Today it is hot. Well not so much hot, but humid. Sweaty breasticles humid.

I hate humid. I hate hot. But you already knew that….

So I am in Boo’s room looking under his bed for his McDonalds Chicken McNugget box (the kid collects fast food containers….. yeah weird, but if you can’t eat it you may as well sniff the boxes. Same ingredients anyway…) and I was feeling really hot.

So I pulled my skirt up around my waist.

So there I am. Skirt around my waist. Butt in the air. Looking under the bed.

‘Hello?’ an unfamiliar MALE voice calls.

I thump my head on the base of the bed.

A father from school, dropping off some photos of Boo is standing at the OPEN FREAKING WINDOW!

‘Um, am I interrupting anything?’ He inquires, his eyes bugging out of his head, a flush in his cheeks.

I choose to pretend nothing happened.

‘No, just looking for something for Boo, come in!’

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. At least I was wearing pretty panties today. And they weren’t lacy.

So he dropped off the photos and I saw him out.

As he wandered down the driveway, he turned and gave me a sly smile.

Yeah buddy, we both know what you saw. Lets never speak of it.

Unless you want to blog about it. That is fine. Just remember to mention how fabulous, tight and undimpled my arse is OK? And I will say that you are one hot Daddy….