We are Mac people. I have a shiny new MacBook (I love you baby), Boo has an iBook, the girls have souped up ‘old school’ coloured Imacs and DH has a mis-match of salvaged Mac’s into a scary looking menagarie of computers that take up a whole wall.

And we all remember the new ipod drama of a couple of weeks ago….

We are so ingrained in our Mac habit that Apple sends us thank you notes. I am thinking of inviting Steve over for Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever he celebrates. Perhaps ‘International Lisa Day’ – first prize to the person that understands that reference! The geeks of Silicon Valley will understand.

So it was no surprise when Too’s school announced the social was to be Heroes and Villians, that Too and her friend J would choose to go as the Ultimate Foes.

Mac v Windows Blue Screen of death.

And did I mention there is rollerblading involved?


J was a little concerned that his ahem, manhood, was a little exposed. Oh and that Too’s looked bigger than his and considering she was a GIRL that wasn’t desirable.

So his mother suggested socks. Lots and lots of socks. Some for Too too.

Here is the back of their capes. They painted them last night while eating J’s 14th birthday cake. Doesn’t J have pretty hair??? For a boy……


Notice the Mac is the Super Hero (well Teh Super Hero – I really don’t get that one!) and Windows is the Super Villian? All is right with the world when we know that the wee Jobbie can save us! (oooh double toilet joke! I am uber juvenile tonight, I blame the cold and flu drugs)

J’s sister was in on the super hero act too. A character from the comic Ctrl+Alt+Delete.


They were all really excited and raring to go until it was time to leave J’s house. Then some of the bravado wore off (not for Too though, my purple haired super freaky daughter couldn’t wait) considering the new revelation that NONE of their other friends were dressing up.

As I was backing out the driveway I could hear J begging his mum to let him take some pants with him – considering he was wearing his sisters tights – and his mum saying:

‘I didn’t spend all that time making your costumes for you to wear jeans…’

You could hear my evil cackle all the way across the town as I drove down the road at the thought of these two rollerblading in their underwear……

Would you care for a side order of humiliation to go with your social suicide?

Thankyou to Moo for photoshopping the ultimate battle for me and the piss weak faces on our hero and villian. Yes she is back from camp, I can’t wait to show you what she bought me!!!