And Moo isn’t home!  Bwaaaa haaa haaa

She is gunna be pissed cause he is all Emo with the long fringe and black clothes and he has a MacBook like mine…….

He is a friend of DH’s from school.

So DH is having a playdate.

Am I supposed to serve them snacks and referee?  Offer to spot them playing on the trampoline?  *snigger*  It’s getting dark, should I call his mother to make sure that it is not his bedtime yet?

Is DH going to be asking to have a sleepover on a school night?

They are in the kitchen transferring files to one another and  discussing the finer points of why Macs are superior.  Apparently S has a new operating system for my computer and it looks freaking AMAZING!!!


So my husband has a playmate and I get a new toy for my computer.

And Too and I can’t wait to rib Moo about the fact there was a hot guy in our house, that apparently she chatted to briefly on MSN when her father wasn’t home…..

This is gunna be hilarious.  Need to make sure the camera is ready……