(yeah I know 3rd post today, what can I say I am full of ’em tonight)

From the brilliant minds that brought you:

Drinking songs Volume 8


Songs to bury your neighbours cat that you accidentally ran over with your lawn mower to

we present you with

Songs to wipe your sons arse to Volume 1

Mummy sings Name the Planets from Blues Clues…

The sun is a hot star

And Mercury’s hot too

Venus is the brightest Planet

Earth, home to me and you……..

Boo sings

‘We have to take our clothes off to have a good time


Do you think Mummy might be behind the times? And someone needs to contact Joe (cause Steve is dead doncha know?) and tell him to rewrite that song cause Pluto is no longer technically a planet, it is now a ‘dwarf planet’. This has got the PC crowd up in arms cause ‘dwarf’ is a derogatory term. So from hence forth it will be known as a moderately smaller than the others not-that-there-is-anything-wrong-with-that planet. With it’s own support group, plastic wristbands and telethon.