Why do I do this to myself!!!?????

EVERYONE has freaking RSVP’d.


Please everyone pray to your deity that it doesn’t rain or is stinking freaking hot on Sunday. I will do anything… as long as it doesn’t involve money or bottoms

party time at the Magneto Bold house!

I’m making tshirts for Boo’s party. I am loving myself sick in the one for me.  I thunk it up all by myself.


*gaffaw* Oh how I crack myself up.


For those more delicate types that have no idea what this means…..

J.K. Rowling announced recently that Dumbledore is gay.

A beard is a woman that hangs out with a gay man as a decoy so people don’t know his sexual orientation.

Need I say more?

Party time at the Magneto Bold House!

Surely not!