Look at that pretty button in the sidebar. Isn’t it pretty? Don’t you just want to stroke it with your mouse.

And click on it?

‘Cause apparently I am hot.

But right now only one person thinks so……

and I need another 631 votes to beat out that Dooce woman. *snort*

My Boo is too cute.

This morning he asked if I was hungry.

He has decided to make me breakfast.

First of all the sandwich.


Cheese, butter (yes those lumps are butter!) mayonaise and salt. I stopped him just before he poured BBQ sauce and paprika on it.

Lovely presentation with water, 3 cheese and bacon rolls, sultanas, extra salt and a toy. The sandwich is under the bowl. Real professional like. Presented on a tray covered with playdoh.


A Boo Happy Meal

Mmmm mmm mmm it’s stomach pump time!

And yes, I did eat the sandwich. I deserve the Mother of the Year award.

And Why Mommy.

Today Why Mommy bestowed me with my very first blog bling. Yes, I am a blog bling virgin. Is it because I only came out of the blogging closet 5 weeks ago or is it because no one loves me? I am hoping it is the former.

Anyway. Thanks! I am honoured. Especially when it comes from someone whom I admire so much. Moo is wearing the pink connies today as I am flat out busy laying on the couch and acting all pathetic like.

Here is the bling baby!


Now apparently (see I have no idea!) I have to pass it on to 10 (!) people that make me smile.

OK. In no particular order:

  • Emma at meanderingsofemma cause she is daring enough to blog about what she has spent in a day and be HONEST about it! Me, not-so-much, ‘yes honey those shoes were on sale for 5 bucks! Really! No, I don’t seem to have the receipt…… toast for dinner 3 nights in a row? Oh it’s cause Oprah said it was cleansing and increases brain function….. really!’
  • I definitely have to fling one by Grundir the Implacable at Mattress Police only cause it will get him all riled up and Dementor-like. I am a bitch like that. And I am a sucker for a guy with a cool name and wearing black and no face and stuff. Diesel can share it seeing he keeps me entertained on a regular basis and his comments here crack me up.
  • LaDaddy has to get one purely because he blogged about his daughter giving herself a dutch oven and I gaffawed so hard while sitting with the tiny terrorist last night that I woke the little turd up. Then he pulled out a magazine from under his bed and stared at womens legs for an hour. This is known as Boo Porn. That is a whole ‘nother post that I will explain at a later date, or tonight, or never and just keep you hanging. Cause, yet again, I am a bitch like that.
  • Can I give one to Erin! even though she doesn’t have a blog? I wanna give one to Erin! cause 1. She has a ! in her name which always makes me smile and 2. She writes amazingly looooong comments in the middle of the night without the aide of a coffee machine.
  • I HAVE to give one to White Trash Mom for her post today. I have blogged about it already but it still is cracking me up and has actually got me interested in crafting again. I have been lurking over there forever, ’bout time I showed some appreciation for her trashiness.
  • Certifiable Princess needs to be recognised cause she is totally mad. And crazy. And sometimes she is so gawd-damn-honest she moves me to tears. And cause she calls her husband ‘hotband’ and that is sooooo cool!
  • Oh, and for reminding my family about their love for all things Chuck Norris Verycontrary. I am sorta regretting that one cause Boo is getting in on the fun and Boo being Boo doesn’t know when to freaking STOP!

And cause I can plead ignorance in not knowing the rules for this blingyness I want to pass it on back to WhyMommy cause she is in my thoughts every day and cause I wish I lived closer to her cause I would love to squeeze her little boys, cook her dinner and sit and have a chat. There are a million people that I would like to bestow this blog bling on that have entertained me during the long loooooong nights of ‘sleep is an optional extra’ with my Boo. Distracting me from the continual shit and toothpaste sagas and the ever present reminder that my baby girls are now young women and don’t need me anymore….

And most importantly distracted me during the horror that was the week without real coffee. *shudder*

while hacking up a lung (yeah still!!!)

Verycontrary posted about Chuck Norris and pointed to this site. On long car trips the Magnetobold family have been known to spend hours reveling in Chucks Norrisness (Or listening to Wham! if the kids are pissing me off and I want payback). I admit I have never seen one of his movies, and honestly never care to, but hey, gotta love someone who has this said about him:

When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris can divide by zero.

Bwwaaaaa haaa haaaa!

And in the Oh. My. God. vein, don’t let small children see this when you open it unless you want to spend even more money on feminine hygiene products. (and donate even more GST to little Johnny for your luxury item).

Moo wants to make me the earrings.

I would like to thank White Trash Mom, my new superhero, for pointing me to our latest school holiday craft activity.

We are Mac people. I have a shiny new MacBook (I love you baby), Boo has an iBook, the girls have souped up ‘old school’ coloured Imacs and DH has a mis-match of salvaged Mac’s into a scary looking menagarie of computers that take up a whole wall.

And we all remember the new ipod drama of a couple of weeks ago….

We are so ingrained in our Mac habit that Apple sends us thank you notes. I am thinking of inviting Steve over for Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever he celebrates. Perhaps ‘International Lisa Day’ – first prize to the person that understands that reference! The geeks of Silicon Valley will understand.

So it was no surprise when Too’s school announced the social was to be Heroes and Villians, that Too and her friend J would choose to go as the Ultimate Foes.

Mac v Windows Blue Screen of death.

And did I mention there is rollerblading involved?


J was a little concerned that his ahem, manhood, was a little exposed. Oh and that Too’s looked bigger than his and considering she was a GIRL that wasn’t desirable.

So his mother suggested socks. Lots and lots of socks. Some for Too too.

Here is the back of their capes. They painted them last night while eating J’s 14th birthday cake. Doesn’t J have pretty hair??? For a boy……


Notice the Mac is the Super Hero (well Teh Super Hero – I really don’t get that one!) and Windows is the Super Villian? All is right with the world when we know that the wee Jobbie can save us! (oooh double toilet joke! I am uber juvenile tonight, I blame the cold and flu drugs)

J’s sister was in on the super hero act too. A character from the comic Ctrl+Alt+Delete.


They were all really excited and raring to go until it was time to leave J’s house. Then some of the bravado wore off (not for Too though, my purple haired super freaky daughter couldn’t wait) considering the new revelation that NONE of their other friends were dressing up.

As I was backing out the driveway I could hear J begging his mum to let him take some pants with him – considering he was wearing his sisters tights – and his mum saying:

‘I didn’t spend all that time making your costumes for you to wear jeans…’

You could hear my evil cackle all the way across the town as I drove down the road at the thought of these two rollerblading in their underwear……

Would you care for a side order of humiliation to go with your social suicide?

Thankyou to Moo for photoshopping the ultimate battle for me and the piss weak faces on our hero and villian. Yes she is back from camp, I can’t wait to show you what she bought me!!!