I am working on the 100 things thinga-ma-hoosey and it will be in the pages button at the top of my blog. I have already got to 100 posts and I have only been bloggin’ for less than 2 months…..

Was going to bitch about the fact that Boo slept for 2 hours last night (hey! what happened to Monday nights girls? Looks like someone dropped the ball. Monday night was supposed to be sleep-through-the-night night not jump-on-Mummy’s-face-singing-Circle-of-Life-till-dawn night…. almost showed him first hand the freakin’ circle of life.)

Ahem, anyway…..

I think it is more fitting for my 100th post to direct you to my sidebar. Click on the pink ribbon. If anyone knows of an Australian one please let me know and I will add that too.

This is for you WhyMommy. I feel so helpless, want to wrap you up in a blanket and take the pain away. Just for a day. One day for you to be able to play with your boys, sit with your girlfriends, go shopping without pain. Without exhaustion. Without stares.

Just one day of life like it was before IBC.

Everytime I look at my sidebar I think of you.  The Team Whymommy badge and the ‘You make me Smile’ award that you gave me.  That means the world to me coming from you.

So dear friends, pop over to Toddler Planet and join Team WhyMommy and help this amazing woman spread awareness while she fights the fight of her life.