For those not ‘in the know’ a PSG is a Parent Support Group meeting. Once a term his aide, teacher, the vice principal and I get together to talk about Boo’s progress. Most of the time it turns into a love fest, LOL, with C, P, and I telling A (the VP) how wonderful the other is 🙂 Today we celebrated in Boo’s wonderful achievements since we last met as well as letting A know some struggles. A lot of things he was unaware of as he only normally hears of the positive things. He was a little shocked to say the least, which is a good thing. He didn’t realise how little Boo sleeps, how confrontational he can be and how much you need to think on the fly to be one step ahead of him. Boo has a very high IQ so is very quick to try and manipulate a person or situation to get his own way. P and C always see the bigger picture and fight the worthwhile battles even if that means an hour meltdown from Boo. They are truly a gift in our lives and now A realises how gifted they really are.

PSG’s usually only run for 15mins or so. We were in there for over an hour! I got home from popping into Coles for some stuff for dinner and the minutes and notes for the meeting were already in my email box.

Here are the notes with my explainations/clarifications in italic, obviously they don’t call him Boo at school, LMAO.
Program Support Group meeting for Boo 30/08/2007

Attendance: K, A, P, C

• A welcomed all and thanked for their attendance.
• P stated that in general Boo has been going quite well
• He has just completed an argumentative/defiant stage. That is an understatement!!!!!
• He is quite keen to have complete control of situations and becoming quite agitated in response to this. This was also coupled with significantly increased levels of aggression. K said that this was also occurring at home.
• Boo’s health has not been good over this period but K said that this may not necessarily be the direct cause of the changes in his behaviour.
• Boo had his most significant ‘meltdown’ at the pool last Friday. Since then his swimming lessons have been perfect.
• This week he has returned to his calmer self and seems to be happier with decisions being made and accepting them.
• P stated that next year’s teacher needs to be aware that Boo will try to assume control and if that teacher allows him to do this Boo will continue to try to manipulate them.
• Next year is a year of great change for Boo with him not being allowed in the junior playground, in different classrooms and probably with a different teacher. Therefore it is crucial that as soon as we know his teacher for 2008 that we start the familiarisation activities. Yeah instead of the day before school lets out for Christmas holidays!
• He accepts change more readily these days. Social stories are a good way of addressing this.
• On Monday Boo will receive a certificate at assembly – C will do a social story with Boo to prepare him for this as in the past this has been a difficult time for Boo. Last time he had a meltdown for 1/2 hour because he thought the certificate meant school was finished forever and it was a cert of completion. Poor Boo, he was so sad 😦
• The other students are very accepting of Boo.
• K is very happy with how we manage Boo at school– he is happy and safe and these are the main priorities. In addition to this he is constantly trying things outside of his comfort level and is also achieving some wonderful academic results.
• Boo ate peas at home the other night – this is a significant step forward LMAO at this one! I can’t believe he put it in!
• Substitute teachers are carefully selected for Boo but the availability of replacement staff is sometimes limited and unfamiliar staff may be in charge of Boo. Hmmm, that wasn’t the actual conversation. There have been a couple of ‘inappropriate’ selections of subs that A is now aware that these people are not to be working with him again. Think he was covering his butt a little here. Fair enough I suppose.
• Boo is more able to accept praise now. This is HUGE!
• P outlined the changes to Boo’s Individual Learning Plan. These include:
– Better manners and being more polite when asking for things Instead of screaming ‘Get me X’ or snatching
– When Boo doesn’t respond he is now being told that he needs to answer those people, without being told what to say. Boo was becoming prompt dependent. Needing people to say ‘Say Hello’ etc before he would respond.
– Boo not needing to be supervised so closely
– Recommendation that swimming familiarisation sessions to be continued once school swimming program is over.
– Encourage Boo to complete activities without excessive negotiation. This is a big one. P sometimes spends 10 minutes ‘discussing’ what needs to be done with Boo. Patient, patient man.
– Boo recognises when he needs a toy to play with to help deal with stressful situations, but this is a rare occurrence of late.
– For Boo to put up his hand when he is volunteering an answer or comment.
– To not focus on using fonts so much. Boo is obsessed with writing in particular fonts and they have to be PERFECT or he gets frustrated and angry. His favourite font is Magneto Bold remember! LOL
– For Boo to infer meaning from text. Because of his Hyperlexia and IQ, Boo can spell and read any word. He is almost grade level now in comprehension which is the biggest hurdle.
– For Boo to use mental strategies in his maths Apparently Boo has all the teachers stumped on how he gets to an answer. He shows his working out but it makes no sense to any of the teachers in the school. However he ALWAYS gets the correct answer!
– To tell the time conventionally on an analogue clock

The biggest issues were minimised a little I think. I really would like some reference into the amazing job P and C are doing and the extra effort they go to. All the positives are from sheer hard work from them. I am going to write a letter to the principal and the Education Dept at the end of the year to let them know what dedicated wonderful people P and C are.

Anyway, all in all, its all good.