Okay people, you need to calm down.

Steve is not dead. And if your kid is reading my blog and was disturbed by my mention of an urban legend (which is NOT TRUE) you have got a heck of a lot worse things to worry about, cause this blog aint no place for a child. And I will tell my mate Santa what you have been exposing your child to……

And while I am on the subject, the person that felt the need to email me privately and complain that I am being discriminatory against DWARFS (or is it DWARVES), grow some balls and do it in the comments for everyone to see, K? I was talking about a real technical like term used by big clever scientists and stuff, not ‘little people’ and then I sorta got carried away…….

I had lots of coffee yesterday.

You should have seen the size of the coffee this chick at work bought me! It was like a LITRE of coffee. And drank it before it got cold……..and yes, people buy me coffee. I am not that pleasant without it, so it is a self serving gesture.

And then I got on my blog and posted 3 times (make sure you read ’em all OK?) and then started another blog – details soon.

That musta been some bad assed coffee.

I had another today *snicker* after I finished the thermos full that DH the wonder barista made me to take to work.

My eye is twitching……..

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Tomorrow is the Great mofo Delurk. Do me a favour and post a comment? I know that there are hundreds of you lurking there in the dark shadows. Pop out for just one day to say Hi! OK?

Unless it is just Erin! checking my blog every couple of minutes…….