menu planning

I am constantly in awe of those who can live a frugal lifestyle and be happy. Even thrive on it. Me, I would much prefer to be kept in the lifestyle that I could easily be accustomed to – staff, a pool boy named Edwardo, all the gold that I can eat (paraphrased from my fav movie of all time Life of Brian). I trawl websites, yahoogroups and blogs hoping to finally find the inspiration to WANT to live this way but I don’t think it is going to happen. I hate menu planning, I loathe budgeting and I especially despise standing in a discount store knowing I can’t afford X when it is a DISCOUNT store for Christ’s sake!

For those not ‘in the know’ DH has been out of work for 2.5 years and doesn’t look like ever wanting to work again. However, he is still spending like we are on the rather generous wage he was on previously. So we are making do with my part time wage and some Govt benefits. I have toyed with the idea of going back to work full time but it is just impossible with DS’s needs – needs that DH still doesn’t *get* after almost 9 years……

Yeah. I am pissed off. To put it mildly. I actually had a sook this morning when I found out that ‘someone’ ate the left overs I had in the fridge planned for tonight and raided all the other stuff that I had bought for other meals. It is so stressful trying to feed this lot things that they like as well as trying to keep a budget. I cook double quantities to save myself time (so there is another meal already done waiting) but by the time it is ready to go in the fridge/freezer it has been attacked. Or if it makes it there it mysteriously disappears……. And then there are the constant whinges that there is nothing to eat. OMG it is doing my head in!  Bit extreme to cry about it though, LOL.

Instead of wallawing in self pity I have been proactive and  re done the meal plan for the next few days – see top of blog Whats cookin this week  – not particularly healthy but it will get us by.  Don’t need to buy anything to make the stuff and I KNOW no-one will steal the stuff from the fridge/freezer as it takes more effort than chucking in the microwave to prepare! Doing some baking today for Fathers Day afternoon tea cause my Daddy is coming over and have the ingredients in the fridge – phew.  Just need to get milk and fruit tomorrow and shouldn’t need to go shopping again till pay day.  Fingers crossed.

And need to hide the bank account cards from DH.

Well today is pay day.  So the merry menu planning starts again.  Last fortnight I managed to do a wonderful menu plan and bought all the ingredients and then promptly fell miserably ill on Saturday and all the food is still in the cupboards/pantry/fridge.  Men just don’t get menu planning, or recipes or being organised in general I think……. or perhaps it is just mine, LOL.

I have asked DD1 to make dinner tonight (should be interesting) and will go through the supplies tomorrow and do a menu plan based on what is on hand.  Need to do another pantry restock but will wait for my tax return.  Have to do a serious rethink of our staple recipes as DH has just found out he has high cholesterol.  Hmmmmm.  Perhaps introducing ‘dessert’ each night of fruit will perhaps curb his voracious appetite for seconds and thirds.  Will ponder this some more…….