Feeling the love of the internets today.

Meg at Blogpond linked to me saying that I use ‘colourful language’. And she gave me this pretty little button (only because I said I loved it!)


Ask and ye shall receive.

I want a burgundy 7 seater car please. Preferably with leather seats. And shoes, lots of pretty shoes.

Andrew from On Blogging Australia profiled this blog and said that I have a ‘slightly earthy sense of humour’ And then he brought out the ‘colourful language’ line as well.

See a pattern here?

How about just saying it guys? I am a potty mouthed, fabulous shoe wearing, attention whore. And you love me for it!

White Trash Mom commented on ‘Will you do the fandango?’ and called me officially White Trash. Oh the honour!

VE from VE’s Fantastical Nonsense helped me out immensely on how to market fecal murals. Will be dedicating my memoirs ‘A shit load of cash’ to VE for starting the fecal mural movement. (see that? poo-word-poo, oh I am a 5 year old boy….. seriously)

Veronica and Karen tagged me for memes. I am working on them tonight while trying to put the little bastard to sleep and will have them up over the weekend. I promise!


Still taking recipes suggestions for names for the bunny we are getting tomorrow…..