Friday, December 28th, 2007

So I was in the shower this morning defurring.

And cleaning the shower.  And deep conditioning my hair. All at the same time. Cause I am a woman and I can multi task  like that.

And I saw this:


What the fuck?  Yeah, it is a shocking photo but 1. I really didn’t want to look. 2. Boo has a thing for legs and if he saw me taking photos of my leg then he would want to do a freaking power point presentation about it and take it to school for show and tell and C. isn’t it humilating enough to post a photo of your leg with freaking red shit all over it without breaking out the bloody floodlights?

My grandma has that sorta shit.  How did something like that end up on my freaking inner knee cap place?  Yeah, like it has a name.

It is right on my leg where I rest my laptop.  Leg bent, laptop resting, opposite foot tapping ‘hurry up, hurry up, the tiny terrorist is occupied for 5 fucking minutes let me get a quick post/comment out before he starts his reign of terror again’ tattoo.

So what is it? Radiation poisoning from my MacBook?  Bloggers inner thigh?  Laptop-itis?   Is there a support group I can join?  A magical creme?


So I am starting to look like my freaking eleventy hundred year old grandmother in the nursing home.  Better check my chin and upper lip for Nanna hairs.

On second thought.  Lets not.

I am over guest posting at Snoskred’s today.

A post inspired by bone tiredness, too much wine and spending the day with my awesome Daddy.

No swearing in sight.  Really freaking hard, especially after the last couple of days.

If you want me to come and mess up your blog, offend your readers or do a shoe parade, just click on the ‘Talk to me’ button up the top there and let me know where and when.

Just remember the coffee.  Skinny latte with a extra shot.