I have been waiting for this day all year. December 5 is Day of the Ninja.

Ninja’s of the world unite!

I totally stole this from Raincoasters site. You don’t mind, do you Raincoaster? Anything to get the word out about the Ninjas. Cause the world needs more people running around with t-shirts on their heads and making weird noises.

So here is how to make yourself a ninja and scare the shit out of the chick at the checkout at Safeway.


Click on the picture to make it easier to read.

And then wouldn’t you know it, a ninja broke into my house.


The biatch was trying to steal my formally-known-as-the-Bathroom-Treeโ„ข now Hallway Christmas tree! Oh the humanity!

But it is OK, she looked eerily familiar, I think I saw her in the bathroom when I was brushing my teeth this morning, so I deflected her with my ooh-look-some-pretty-shiny-shoes moves and she disappeared.


But later on she sent her minions….

boo-ninja.jpg moo-ninja.jpg

Stealth Ninja moves boy and Ninja Biatch.



Today I have been tagged for a shi-ite load of memes, got an award and Meg made me a pretty for my blog. Will be working hard on them tonight.


Oh and apparently I get to put this little lovely on my blog. Noice.



Thanks All for Women!