I am debating on a new name for my husband.

DH is just not cutting it any more. Not since Mario-porn-star. THAT name suited him.

But once he shaves off that Mo. Won’t really ‘go’.

He wants to be known as Sex God. SG for short. Methinks Stupid Git is more appropriate.

Or Wog Boy. That is certainly descriptive.

Here is the final photo of the monstrosity.


Rather pathetic really, for a whole months growth. His chest hair is thicker….

So my lovely internets again I am coming to you to name another family member.

I guess you want a little something for your trouble. How about when I amend ‘The Magnetobold Family” page at the top there to update DH/Mario-porn-star’s details, your name and permanent link to your blog. That page gets around 5 or so views a day so that is a lot of lovin’ right there.

OK, let the madness begin. I will keep comments and nominations open till Monday evening.

And I am waking him at midnight (cause you know I will still be up, sigh) and shaving the bastard off.  He can choose to co-operate or not.  I have my girlfriends Epi-lady here, and we know that hurts like fuck.  Hmmmm, could be rather entertaining……