Yeah, I know.  But Boo looked at me, melted my heart and then decreed the bunny was to be called Amy.

Bastard.  He knows how to melt my heart.

So Amy it is.  And it suits her.  Although it is so mainstream, so middle of the road, so normal. It works.

Freaky family with a  mainstream bunneh.  I can handle that.  And she is sooooo cute!  Look she is camera shy.


True, she could actually be a boy, but then she can just be a Tranny bunny.  Amy is such a Tranny name anyway.

So thankyou my lovely internets for entertaining us all with your name suggestions. They were all brilliant. I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite, although I did try and convince Boo to change it to Jemima Roadkill.  Go back to the Competition post and read all the suggestions, they are hilarious!

But if by any chance a bunny can get up the duff at 5 weeks old, I may just have a chance to use all the names………

So for those that are so inclined, here is a pretty button that I made all by myself (!!) cause Moo isn’t here and I am not speaking to her anyway, but THAT is another rant. So chuck it on your blog, tell everyone how wonderful I am and we will be square.  K?