Today I wrote a social story for Boo.

A social story is a short ‘story’ to explain social situations.

Here is today’s in response to his teacher going through 2 cans of air freshener in the last month:

Everybody farts.

People sometimes laugh when I do a loud fart. That makes me happy.

But I must not fart INSIDE.

I must only fart when I am in the bathroom or outside, alone.

I if I need to fart I need to ask to go outside.

Nobody likes to smell my farts.

I like the smell, but other people do not.

Mummy is very proud when I don’t fart inside.


I handed it to Boo.

He asked to go outside.

Fantastic, I think and give myself a huge pat on the back. Literally. I am freaky like that.

Boo comes back inside.

‘I can’t smell it outside. I fart inside now.’

He let one rip. I saw his little butt cheeks wobble.

No one light a match.


Oh and girls I am still working on those meme’s you tagged me for. Just gotta stop falling asleep in the middle of doing them cause I am soooooo freaking BORING! Gotta come up with something juicy that I haven’t already spilled my guts about in 100 things and Wanna be my Stalker!