But now so does everyone else.

Sebastian is my hairdresser. I have been seeing him for years. Before everyone else discovered his wonders of the scissors.

I rang today to make an appointment. My hair is too long, too thick, too annoying, too blah. I am sick of trying to put it up and the ponytail falling out from the weight of it. I am sick of getting in the car and getting it caught in the door. I am sick of DH laying on my hair or getting caught in it when trying to roll over in bed.

So I need a haircut. And I need Sebastian to do it.

I ring the salon. Some chicky babe answers.

‘Sorry, Sebastian is booked out until next year, February I think’

‘Noooo!’ I gasp, ‘I need to see him’

‘Well I am sorry, I can put you on the canceled list. What is your name sweetie?’

Sweetie? She sounds 15 years old, is obviously new, and the bint is calling me sweetie?

‘Kelley XXX ‘(obviously my last name is not XXX, but perhaps it should be considering some of my blog posts and the fact that my husband is a wanna be porn star Baa Chicka Bow Bow)

‘Oh, Kelley, um, let me see…… how about 26 November at 3pm?’

He he he, Sebastian must have put a warning on my file saying do-not-deny-this-woman-an-appointment-at-any-costs-she-can-go-postal.

‘Oh! No. Can’t do that. I am picking up my son then, do you have anything on a Thursday?’

Pushing my luck, I know, but what the heck.

‘How about Thursday 6 December at 5.15?’

‘I’ll take it.’

So what if I have to hire a babysitter, beg my mum to take Too to self defense classes, get Moo to cancel her belly dancing class (or go with a friend)….

Mummy is going to be pampered. Oh and how Sebastian can make a girl feel gooooooood!

As a side note: I rang Moo’s hairdresser afterwards and she has an appointment for 2 o’clock today. Biatch.