All is quiet in the Magneto bold house.  Well as quiet as it gets ’round here anyway.

I am staring at the page and panicking.

I got nuffin.  Really.  I have to post something cause it is NoBloPoMo and if I don’t post everyday the NBPM police will come and haul my arse away.  I committed to this thing, and I got nothing.

I have been known to post 4 times in one day.  But today….. nada.

I could write about how Boo is exhausted after a major meltdown after school because I wouldn’t let him get a lemonade.  Like we have done every Wednesday for 4 years.  But I had to punish him somehow for strangling a kid in the playground today.  Hey A!  Look!  This is the kid that is OK to be left alone!!  He had an adult with him and still managed to play the banned game ‘Simpsons’ (where he is Homer and strangles any poor soul that agrees to be Bart) when the teacher blinked.

I could write about how my neighbours came out to watch the commotion while I tried to extract Boo from the car and he was very insistent that we were in fact going to go get lemonade.  Very loudly.

I could write about the pretty new shoes that I was forced to buy because Jodi subliminally planted the message ‘Buy pretty sparkly buckle shoes’

I could write about the equally pretty sparkly buckle handbag that just happened to make its way home with me too.

I could write about how whenever I am washing the girls clothes from the shop called ‘Jay Jays’ I can’t help smirking like a 8 year old boy and muttering to myself ‘V-Jay-Jay’ *snort*

I could write about how DH wouldn’t let me make him an Asshat hat for work ‘funny hat day’. He kept hiding my craft stuff and trying to distract me with conversation….. That makes him the uber Asshat. Need to make him a sash or something.

I could write about how Boo farted so loud today that he scared a bird.  He was inside.  The bird was outside.

I could just go to bed and pretend that I have moved to the US and that will buy me a few more hours to come up with something.

But you internets are smart.  You will see through my rouse.

Will you forgive me for a nothing post, just for the sake of posting?

NaBloPoMo made me do it.  Honest.