It has been raining here.

It has been freaking raining here. Getting concussion from all the cats and dogs. Flood warnings and everything. My house is surrounded by a moat, so that must make me a princess. Bow to me.

The rain that been unrelenting for the last couple of days so I have a backlog of washing to do. I am trying to do it as space, time and Boo shitting on bedding permits.

Yesterday morning I stumbled out of bed bleary eyed hearing the rain outside. Bugger, I thought. Yeah, I know we are in a freaking murderous drought and the price of everything is going up because of it, but for crying out loud I DON’T NEED IT IN MY BACKYARD thankyouverymuch.

So I stumbled into the laundry, wiping the remnants of sleep from my eyes, my hair that came loose during the night falling in a curtain in front of me as I reached into the washing machine to drag out the load I put in last night. And put the newly urine soaked doona in.

As I stood up I glanced out the window.


I battled with my hair to get it out of the way, waist length hair has a freakin’ mind of its own, I tried to focus on what confronted me with no caffeine in my system.



I stood there blinking, my heart racing. How on earth are there HANDPRINTS on the wet fence. I walked outside with the dustbuster as protection from the bogeyman (hey it’s heavy and the first thing I saw besides suffocating Jason or Freddy, I’m thinking Damien would be too short, with Boo’s dripping wet doona!) to get a closer look.

I glanced over the fence. No one there. I touched the handprints.

They were DRY! They were freakin’ DRY!!!! I am standing in a moat for Christsakes and these handprints are completely dry.

I was seriously freaking out by now. I ran inside to get the girls.

Moo looked at me like ‘This is some freaky shit’,Ā  Too was like ‘Can I go back to bed now?’

When DH finally surfaced a couple of hours later (asshole) I showed him.

Turns out the DickHead had oil on his hands after the Harry Potter potions class and wiped them on the fence.

As you do.

And that was the cause of the freaky handprints. That are still there.


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