Just for Jodi and Veronica and Erin and Bettina and Priscilla and all the other girls that need to see my shoes.  The shoes I rave on and on about.  The first thing I thought of when I broke my toe.

Today was the first day in heels since then.

My toe is killing me.


But aren’t these gorgeous boots so worth it?  I had a little old lady stop me today to comment on them.  I have to hide from the weird guys at work or they follow me around when I wear them.

They make me feel sexy.

These are what I have dubbed my ‘happy shoes’


They are so pretty and detailed (look at the heel!  The pattern is on the heel!)  They just make me smile.  These are the shoes I wear after a hard night with Boo or when I am having a I-am-the-ugliest-woman-on-earth day.

I just look down and smile.

Here are a selection of other fav’s for this season.

black-shoes.jpg  green-shoes.jpgred-shoes.jpgpink-and-brown-shoes.jpg

In order of appearance:

Black shoes:  I love Billy brand got for $25 BRAND NEW!!!  I nearly had a coronary.  The fat feral on the floor at my feet trying on her ug boots looked at me like I was insane as I was squealing ‘These are Billy shoes! OMG  these are normally over a hundred dollars!”

Probably what she spends on weed for her kids.

Green shoes:  Santa left these under the tree for me.  Gotta give Santa an extra present this year *wink*

Red shoes:  At work they call me ‘Special K’ when I wear these.  Moo bought them for me with her own money *gasp* when she went on a shopping camp with school (yeah, shopping with school….)

Pink and brown:  these are the shoes that started it all.

So there you have it.  A small selection of the shoes I have worn over the last few weeks. The black boots are in my 100 things post at the top of the blog.