and Boo has been awake since midnight.  I have given up on trying to go to sleep.  The warm fuzzies I was feeling are long gone and the kid is close to being smothered with a pillow.

If I only had the energy.

Right now we are watching an infomercial.  Windsor Pilates.  Sexy women with lovely legs.  Boo is in his element.  I am actually getting quite into it.

Where’s the phone?

Oooh!  I just got an email.  I’m gunna be rich!  My friend (well he started off the email with Dear Friend, so he must be, right?) Fernando Carlos is offering me 25% of 16.5 million dollars.  Some guy died with no ‘hairs’ so apparently we can just take it.

All I have to do is send him my name, address, bank details, phone number and occupation……

But wait! Mr Edwin Martin has just offered me 40% of 384 million pounds!  And his offer has to be better because it is full of ! and “” as in, will be sent to you ASAP!! and “dead customer”.

Not really sure of what a “dead customer” is.  The ” ” have confused me a tad.  Does it mean he is “technically dead” or does that mean he is “dead when we say he is dead, just give us the go ahead and your bank details” dead?

Any rate.  I’m gunna be rich!  No calculations for me at 3am, but whatever percent of hundreds of millions of dollars is quite a lot huh?

I can get me a babysitter to deal with Boo’s nocturnal games, build a padded soundproof room and get me some sleep.

Oh and the Windsor Pilates system.  Only $70 bucks every two months for drink coasters.