Sorry, had to dig myself out of the mountains of tissues and snot and self pity. Dragged my sorry arse out of bed this morning at 6am after hacking up a lung half the night. In at work at 7am to catch up on some work that was desperately behind and my bosses boss was screaming for me to finish. Got everything I needed to get done in 6 hours and then came home. But maybe if I had this:

I could have saved some time and made it home earlier.

Anyway. The good news.

Firstly, Moo had a wonderful time at camp, not that you could really call it a camp. They went to the city for 4 days and shopped. A few other things were chucked in, but primarily it was about the shopping. It was good practice for the boys. They got to hold the girls bags and sit in the corner forlornly while the girls giggled and tried clothes on. Get used to it guys! Felt for the teachers though. 80 kids, aged 15-17.

But the best part is Moo bought me a present.

RED HEELS!!! The girls got taste. I love them!

And secondly. The big news in this household this week…… Drumroll please……

DH got offered a job. They called him! He hasn’t even finished his Cert IV yet. It is just casual, but that means that he can ease himself back into the workforce and still finish his course. That, on top of the semi regular DJ work he has been getting we might even get ahead!

It took a good 2 days for it to really sink in. It really might be over. The last 2 – 3 years have been so HARD. Every now and then I would look at DH and wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I would just mouth ‘a job in IT’ and he would laugh and I would cough up a lung.

Things could just be looking up. Oh please, let it be true.