Something magical happened earlier….
Boo and I were swinging on the swing outside – as you do – and having a lovely time singing and cuddling. Then Boo did the most wonderful, amazing thing. He dug his feet into the cold wet grass and got them DIRTY!!!!! Look, aren’t they the most beautiful things you have ever seen?

See him digging his toe into the hole he made? ‘Yeah, so what?’ you are wondering. ‘My kid does that all the time and then I have to wash the little bugger.’ Yeah well, this kid used to be so terrified of getting dirty, or God forbit WET, he would go into full blown meltdown at the tiniest speck!

Then my bubble was burst by Boo deciding to ‘shave’. I was sitting on the couch, wallowing, when I heard:

Moo: Oh Mum is going to be so angry!

Boo comes running out ‘I didn’t do aneeeeee thiiiiiiing’

He is covered in toothpaste and clutching a razor. Thankfully the safety cover was still on. DH had just shaved and left it out. Boo ‘shaves’ whenever he gets the chance, covering his face in toothpaste.

So I showed him my cross face, he said ‘Sorry Mummy’ and I chucked him ran the shower for him to wash all the toothpaste off.

He filled the bath and had a wonderful time splashing and singing and melting my heart.

Out he wandered an hour later all pink and wrinkly and holding a towel under his chin.

‘Put some clothes on you rudie nudie’ I chuckled

‘Oh! Could you just excuse me for a moment? ‘ he replied *boggle* WHERE did that come from?

‘Hey Daddy! Get me some clothes!’

Daddy complied and Boo dressed himself. A newly acquired skill.

And he looks fabulous with his shirt and pants on backwards 🙂