Still sick and finding it hard to remember to breathe, let alone make a blog post. Those that have sent me emails via the ‘wanna complain or send me some lovin’ button asking questions or for information, my brain is having technical difficulties and is down for maintenance. Your email has been placed in a queue and will be answered by the first available brain cell.

I have spent a productive morning staring at the TV. Might even turn it on.

Trying to reserve my energy to take the wildcat AKA Boo to a birthday party this afternoon at the local gymnastics club. He is truly freaky today cycling through the Black Eyed Peas album and generally causing mayhem. Right now I don’t care. The toothpaste is hidden and he has already done a huge dump in the toilet – smelt like corn chips and was full of black foam from the mousemat he ate on Thursday. But at least it is not on the walls…….

Right now he is teaching himself how to speak Portuguese. Okaaay. Last month he wanted to learn to speak Arabic. Would be better if he could master conversational English though.

Got some news, great news, but will wait till I am feeling a little more human before I share. Need to be able to string a few words together first.

And yeah, it’s the flu. Third time in as many months. Apparently there are several strains. I am aiming to collect them all.

Well I did say I needed to take up a hobby.