Ok, I am on day 4 of no coffee machine and day 3 of going out and buying one like the bad little frugalista that I am.

No coffee and complex tasks like, oh breathing = Kelley is not a happy girly.

So in order to cope I am playing a little game. Play along with me, it’s called Positive Spin. No matter what happens in the day you need to find a little ray of sunshine…..

Lets see right now……

Boo is screaming at the top of his lungs ‘Give me your wallet’ and ‘Happy Holidays everybody!’ – wallet cause he wants to cut up the $20 note and change the dollar amounts on the others, Happy Holidays, yeah, I dunno, makes sense on Planet Boo. Major meltdown is ensuing (45 minutes and counting) and I am trying to ignore the blood that is pouring out of my ears….

Positive spin – deep ear canal clean. He might wear himself out and go to sleep early tonight!

See how easy it is?

OK, here are some others from today.

Up all night with a head cold.

Positive spin – Didn’t have to do the mind numbing training at work today cause I ‘couldn’t ensure that I would absorb all the information required’ he he he

Double Positive spin – Chairing support group meeting tomorrow (yawn. Lots of people whinging and kvetching and wanting me to do everything for them but wipe their arses. I already have a master to wipe thankyouverymuch!) and can leave early cause I am ‘not well’ or if that doesn’t work sneeze all over everyone’s coffee…… COFFEE! The Positive spin trifecta! God Bless you S for giving me this life saving cold!

Smashed another 3 nails while trying to open Boo’s bedroom window balancing on one foot (wearing knee high heeled boots) leaning around the McDonalds playcentre and trying not to fall. Boo’s dream is to work in the drive thru at McDonalds or be a taxi driver at the moment.

Positive spin – less nail polish needed therefore being frugal. Grasping at straws here I know 🙂

Freaking out cause I let Too walk home on her own today and the silly bint didn’t take her phone with her and she STILL isn’t home.

Positive spin – didn’t have to try and wrestle the screaming wildcat (aka Boo) into the car and God forbid, put a seat belt on. Racing heart from panic should be burning off some of the calories from my coffee replacement addiction, Clinkers. Go green ones!!!!! (she is finally home now, forgot she was walking home….. has been begging me for MONTHS to do it, sigh)

DS playing ‘Popcorn’ by the crazy frog on loop

Positive spin – he is no longer screaming

4 and a half hours to write one blog post when usually I just brain dump in 60 seconds

Positive spin – I could update that the screaming had stopped and the music that is now eating through my skull.

Toothpaste mural in the bathroom x2 today

Positive spin – at least it is not poo. Lets ponder that for a moment……. Yes I am liking that it is not poo.

One thing that doesn’t need a postive spin. Found a voucher for my favourite shoe shop (having previously blogged ad naseum) sale! Whoo Hooo!

Mummy is going shoe shopping…….