I don’t know if I can live through this.  I can’t even look at the header on my blog without wanting to break out in sobs.  Life around here is going to be rather unpleasant.

It happened yesterday.  The horrified looks between Moo and Too said it all.  This is a disaster.  Batten down the hatches and talk in muted whispers.  Mummy is gunna be a bear.

My coffee machine expired.

‘What does this mean?’ a horrified Too whispered to her sister

‘Oh, I am so glad I am going on camp tomorrow, just stay clear of her and don’t argue about anything.’ Moo advised

‘Honey, why don’t you grab yourself a coffee from Gloria Jeans while you are out’ DH quietly suggested from a safe distance. ‘I will pull it apart while you are gone and see if I can fix it’

I was sitting in the corner rocking.  Barefoot.  That is how devastated and  out of control I was.

I am cycling through the stages of grief at a rate of knots:

denial – maybe it is not turned on?  Not enough water? Your holding your mouth the WRONG WAY!!!!!!!!

anger – what did you do? Stop messing with me or I will hurt you! Stupid bloody thing, lets sue the manufacturer for pain and suffering.

bargaining – if I clean the kitchen it will be OK.  If I don’t eat for the rest of the week we can afford to buy another one.  Perhaps one of the kids won’t eat just to keep mummy happy….. Oh please God don’t let this happen to me, I will be a good girl, I won’t go to the shoe sale next week, just please please let the coffee machine work!!!!!!

depression – rocking in the corner mumbling about the unfairness of the world, fabulous-shoe-less.
acceptance – OK, it will be all right I can drink instant send DH out for coffee from GJ’s or McCafe.   I can buy chocolate coated coffee beans, I can just eat the beans raw.

And now I just broke a nail….

Will the horror ever stop?