I just got the sweetest email from WhyMommy expressing condolences for the untimely death of our guinea pig, Custard.  Before I replied I popped over to her blog to see how she is doing today.  She is not having a good couple of days.

She is such a wonderful strong person and her posts are so positive this post made me cry.  So in honour of WhyMommy I am wearing Moo’s pink Connies (converse shoes for the uninitiated) today.  When the giggle of girls get home from the movies – it is Too’s party today – and Moo confronts me of why, 1. I have been in her room and 2. why I am wearing her shoes, I will take the opportunity to sit them all down and tell them all about this wonderful amazing mother.

If you are so inclined, please keep Whymommy in your thoughts and prayers.  And pop over there and give her some words of encouragement.  I think she would appreciate it.