a mayhem of mess, a scream of mummies……

We are hosting a sleepover. A teen sleepover. 5 giggling girls, 4 pizzas, 8 bottles of softdrink and an enormous banana split come birthday cake. This the first year she has not requested some hair pullingly frustrating intricate birthday cake, and I am sad. That and cause the brats wont let me have any.


They enjoyed making it and then devoured it,


That is my husbands hand AKA the garbage tip. When ever we finish what we are eating he comes along and finishes it off. Who needs a dog with a man like that.

Moo was going to go to a party tonight but the parental units had a hissy fit at her going to a drunk footballers party in a town 30mins away. So she went to the movies instead. As a beard for her best friend . They went to see Hairspray. The other guy brought along his own beard.  Didn’t think much of the other guy personally, think N can do much better than that!

His shoes were hideous!