Was blog surfing and came across this by Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer and it got me reminiscing….. back to the night I met my husband.

I was out at a local club with my girls, and the freakshow flatmate that closely – and I mean closely – resembled the flatmate in Single White Female.  That movie freaked me out.  I nearly passed out in the cinema when I saw it, almost everything up to the heel-in-the-head scene happened in the 4 months I lived with that freaky psycho Jodie.  Yes that is her real name, I only protect the names of the un-psychotic that didn’t steal my favourite dress and then wear it 3 weeks later to my friends party that she crashed.

Anyway, we were having a wonderful time when feral flatmate was feeling ill.  I took her outside to get some fresh air, like the wonderful friend that I am 🙂 Well she was really really ill.  Really.

As I was holding her hair back as she released the contents of her stomach into the gutter a guy swaggered into my sights wearing a long black coat.  MMMM, me thought, nice.

He came to talk to me while Jodie continued to wretch and then try and pick up a couple of guys standing nearby.  My daughters have a wonderful word for girls like her.  Slurry.  Perfect.

Years later my then DH and I were talking about when we first met and he said

‘Gotta love a woman who will hold up a friends hair while they vomit’

I hope I have more redeeming features than that.  But if you ever need me, I’ll be there but can I have a couple of vodkas first?