or, alternatively, ‘Men don’t make passes, at girls who drink glasses of milk…..

Do you recon I can convince my girls of this?  Or milk gives you zits or ??????

We gotta reduce our milk consumption.  I just popped down to the supermarket, now I have been a bad little frugalite and have NO IDEA how much milk costs.  I need it, it doesn’t go on ‘special’ so I just buy it.  Normally it is part of a basket of stuff, I don’t think I have ever just bought milk on it’s own.

I bought 3 litres of Rev low fat milk.  It was $6.10. *boggle*

I had to hold myself up at the counter.

We go through a 3 litre bottle in 2 days.  Thats $21.35 on milk per week.  Don’t add up per year, I couldn’t handle seeing the number.  To top it off DH and DS can’t drink milk and I only have it in my coffee.  These girls gotta start drinking something else.

What kills me though, my girls are healthy.  They don’ t drink soft drink and have cordial occasionally.  It’s water or milk.  Well not anymore my little chickidees.  Not unless you get a part time job to support your low fat, calcium and protein fortified Moo juice habit.

It’s due to the drought I am told.  Everything is going up in price, except what I am paid for my sweat and tears Mr Howard.

Boo has a golden delicious habit.  His sisters support it and join him in his addiction.  We go through 5 kilos of apples a week at least, @ $6 a kilo.  LALALALALA *hands over ears* don’t tell me what that is a week I don’t wanna know. And then there is all the other fruit…… Too loves red capsicum to snack on, last lot I bought was $7.95 a kilo!

Meat.  Shhhh, don’t say that out loud or the carnivores will start salivating and I will have to mop the floor again.  I am only buying meat when it is less than $5 per meal.  I had to head high tackle some grey haired biatch blocking my chance to grab a discounted beef roast with her ‘walking frame’.  Walking frame, yeah right, you are just trying to hide all the discounted meat lady.  GET OUT OF MY WAY!  I have teenagers to feed!  Nah, I didn’t really do that.  I went up to the poor old dear and said ‘Let me hold that for you, it looks heavy’.  When she handed it over, I hightailed it out of there!

Nah, that didn’t happen either.  She took it and I cried.

The cost of feeding my hoard is killing me.  Literally.  I have grey hairs popping out every day, Dr Lewins secret formula ain’t cutting it for combating the lines appearing on my face.  I have to take a paper bag with me to the supermarket to stop me hyperventilating at the checkout.

DH has to get a job.  Mummy needs some botox.