Na na nana na!  Well technically Too has an Ipod…..

They came today (Moo’s is hidden in the cupboard, sexy red one with percentage going to AIDS in Africa or somesuch, ask Oprah and Bono they know all about it) and Too is bouncing all over the place.  She keeps hugging it and then hugging me.  Oh and apparently it takes Too some time to process real  emotions – as opposed to Emo I-am-so-deep-and-thoughtful-and-no-one-understands-my-pain emotion – and she really loved my letter. Insert warm and fuzzy feeling here.  She said and this is a direct quote:

‘I didn’t know you were like, an author, like, good and stuff.’

Hmm, she is in an accelerated class cause she is all like, smart and stuff, like.

So considering the new Ipods have not been released in Australia yet (except on the Apple website) Too will be the coolest, hip and happening chicky babe at her school with the latest gadget.

Soon she could be as fabulous as me……