I have done bugger all today. I’m dressed and that is my major achievement for the day.

I have been a bad mummy and spent the day blog surfing. Having a whale of a time LMAO at these sites.
boobs injuries and dr pepper
my minivan is faster than yours
and mattress police

as well as countless others.  Flitting back and forth like a kid in that new chocolate shop in the shopping centre that has just opened (Moo had to literally drag me out of there yesterday before I emptied the entire contents of my purse on the counter and said ‘Give me one of everything!’)

Poor kids are having to fend for themselves as Mummy gaffaws her coffee all over the keyboard.  Poor Boo has tried to get my attention many times and has resorted to toilet papering the bathroom and spreading toothpaste up and down the hallway.  House smells minty fresh!  Pity its green toothpaste.

I really should be doing X number of things, but I don’t wanna. I will get everything organised for Too’s birthday tomorrow -14! *sniff* – and shower Boo and do all the other annoying little things that apparently only a mother can do, but the floors will remain un vacuumed and the toys can stay where they are cause Mummy doesn’t wanna.  If anyone wants any toilet paper they can pick it up off the floor or unravel it from the curtain rail.  They just better remember to grab it before they sit down cause I ain’t coming to rescue them.

I know I am going to kick myself for this tomorrow.  But for now I am sitting here in my chair with my legs swung over the arm, cradling my latte (oh, it’s empty.  Need to do something about that…) and lurking around bloggityville.

Actually, I have been pondering something.  I read a post at a blog which I won’t mention right now cause I emailed her and asked if I could link to her post and she hasn’t replied (probably doesn’t like me *sob*) about commenting.  I know that since I became ‘public’ with my blog just on 3 weeks ago, 18 August for those of you playing at home,  I have had over 600 hits.  That is just from FIA (yahoogroup) and commenting myself on a couple of blogs (I am not on Google or search engines nor have I signed up for any of those Works For Me Wednesday, or Menu Plan Monday or what not). Not so many comments, and those are from people I already know out there in cyber land.  I just signed up with statcounter and found out that there are people from all over the world coming back to read my blog…..but not commenting.  I am cool with that.  I am ‘blogging’ for my own entertainment and to document the ups and downs of my life (and to monumentality pi## off Moo cause she always wants my laptop.  The MacBook is MINE MINE MINE!!!!  Mwaa haa haa!!)

I don’t comment that often, if at all, on other blogs. But then this chick is saying that it is rude to do that.  And people are agreeing with her.  And I feel bad.  And then they are saying you should always reply to people that comment on your blog.  So I went back and did that.  But I have commented on blogs that I have never gone back to.  What happens if they replied to my comment and I didn’t reply?  Now I feel bad again.

So what to do?  I don’t want to comment on others blogs just for the sake of commenting, nor do I want to comment when I am the 40,000th person to do so.  I like lurking and I would think that the bigger blog owners wouldn’t mind that little ol’ me from hicksville Australia is spending some time wandering around their site. But then again I don’t want to offend anyone or break any unwritten bloggityville rules.

Is there a handbook out there?  Blogging for Dummies?

I really need to get off here, that minty freshness is really giving me a headache.