(teenage daughter speak… means reel good like)

Yeah I still got it baby! I am a champion. I hear the crowds cheering ‘Go Mummy, Go Mummy’

Their pom poms are latte coloured in honour of their hero……

I just managed to wrestle Moo to the floor. She’s 2 inches taller than me baby! Yeah, I am a suuuuperstar!

side note: Moo and I do this all the time, at home, in the supermarket…… it’s all in play and rather heart-attack inducing to the little ol’ ladies in the veggie aisle. No Mummy is hurt in these altercations… LMAO

In the kitchen, I slap Moo on the butt. Moo turns to me:

Her eyebrow twitches ‘Yeah, you wanna go me?’

‘Yeah I’ll go you..’

‘Oh, yeah…..’

I saunter up to her ‘It’s on.’

And it was.

And I am a star. I got her down on all fours, forehead on the floor and snapped her bra strap.

And now this poor ol’ girl who aint-what-she-used-to-be needs a nap.