Today at work we were in hysterics at S’s porn name…..

First let me set the scene for you.

G was altering P’s desk.  With a hammer.  No expenses spared under the current govt.  It wasn’t working so he stood up on the desk to the chants of ‘Work it baby!’ – well from me and A but they were loud chants 🙂  A few people wandered over to see what all the fuss was about and one commented that pole dancing was not part of his job description but seeing it was nearly tea break can he give us a show (well that was me again….. LOL…. I was having a difficult time with a particularly inept clients documentation and was quite delirious) but first he needed a name.

Then came the discussion re porn names.  Now apparently the ‘game’ goes that your first name is your first pet and last is the first street you lived on.  However we wanted to mix it up a bit to ensure the most fantastic names……. so your first dog and the first street you remember living on.

Now you may call me Misty Humphrey’s and I will dance for you.  My boss is Trixy La Rue and S is……

wait for it.

Oh I nearly wet my pants.

Mudguts Graeme…..

Anyone daring enough to share theirs?