OK. After my whinge earlier about the new ipods I swung into action. Spoke to DH and dad and organising the financing. Put the new ones on Dad’s card and give him the cash from the refund. Now to pack the ones I have bought to return to Kmart.

Grab the bag-o-ipods hiding in my cupboard. No receipt. *boggle* Stare inside bag and take the ipods out and stare again.


Grab my purse. Empty 400,000 receipts onto the floor. Methodically check that the ones that say Safeway or Coles  don’t actually say Kmart. Heart skips every time I find a Kmart one. Nup just socks and underwear receipts.  See I did buy some…..

OK.  Not in my purse and now it can finally close, LOL, so I go through my handbags.  Just the ones I have used in the last month or so.  So 11 of them. No joy.

By now I am panicking.  I go through all the files, even the ones marked bills.  I ‘declutter’ the noticeboard.  I go back to the bedroom 8 or 9 times to check for sure that it wasn’t in the bag and I missed it.

I checked my underwear drawer.  Yeah, I know I am obsessed.  Well something needs to be in there cause it sure aint my panties!

I jump online and check the Kmart returns policy.  Without a receipt they will only issue a store credit.  I don’t want a credit for $500 odd, I want the cash baby!

I download a copy of my credit card statement and carefully black out everything but the most pertinent information and hope for the best.  Or that I gave the receipt to DH for safe keeping……

Yeah, lets run with that.  I can breathe again.

When DH gets home the mad search continues between him, Moo and Too ooohing and ahhhhing at the Apple website.  Finally it is found!  Yay!  It was with the petrol vouchers.  Huh?  What a stupid place to put it, *I* would never put it in such an unsecure place……. oops.

DH jumps in the car and takes them back to Kmart.  Rings me any says they will only put it back on the credit card and not give him cash.  Bugger.  He runs home to get my card.  Back to Kmart and the money is credited to my card.

DH has just ordered them from the apple website.  I have the receipt in my hot little hand!

Will be camping out on the nature strip until they get here.  Freaky neighbours across the road will love it!