I was sooooo organised. Patting myself on the back for being so fantastic and super mum. I bought my girls birthday presents with my tax money and they are sitting in my bedroom…..

New ipod Nano’s.

Today they were superceeded

Smaller, more memory, flashier and CHEAPER! Too’s birthday is on Monday, and my credit card is maxed out 😦 IF (and that is a big IF) I can take them back and chuck the cash on my credit card there is no way it is going to be here by Monday.’

Arrghhhhh! It’s not fair!

Well at least it didn’t happen next week, cause then I would definitely be losing it!

Just rang my Daddy. I can chuck them on his credit card. Won’t be here in time for Monday, but I am sure that Too won’t mind. I expect she will be the first kid at her school with a new one anyway!

Now which colour…….