Yeah, Daddy Cool, Mummy is a happy girl.

I was discussing the action plan with DH on the phone re the Ipods when Boo’s aide rang.

I was expecting the call. I was expecting to be asked to come and get him from the school musical rehearsals cause he couldn’t cope.

C was beside her self.

‘Get here NOW’

Oh shit. ‘Is he OK?’ my heart is racing

‘He is amazing! OMG I am still crying. Everyone is crying. You have to see this! They are going to do it again for you, just get here NOW!’

(if I wasn’t so paranoid about freakshows getting a hold of my blog I would put the video on here for you to see) anyway back to the story………

I jumped in the car and raced up to the auditorium.

Another aide was waiting for me outside to sneak me in so he wouldn’t see me.

I took a seat behind K (Boo’s friends mum) she is still wiping away tears and she whispered ‘Your going to love this’

Aides, parents, teachers all surrounded me when Boo went back stage to tell me how amazing he was. They stayed in front of me to make sure that I got a clear view but Boo still couldn’t see me. If he saw me he would chuck a fit and not do it.

Eagle Rock starts. The kids come on stage.

(I am crying again. Doing that a lot lately. This kid is doing so well I am becoming severely dehydrated.)

He danced. He sang. He beamed. His classmates got him back on track when he got distrated by the huge screen playing the Daddy Cool filmclip. He flapped like a Eagle. Thankyou P for choreographing a huge stim into it! LOL

Halfway through he improvised and span around in circles to the music. It looked like it was part of the act. 🙂 That kids got rhythm.

When the song was coming to the end he ran out front, span around, dropped to the floor and posed just at the final bar.

It WAS amazing.

He IS amazing.

The whole school erupted in applause.

A dad video taped it for me.

Even more wonderful than Boo’s amazing performance is that they did it all again just for me. Just so I could see my Boo being just like the other kids.

I feel special. And now I need another tissue….