or perhaps an elephant stamp?

Been a busy, busy girl today. Every room – except for the danger zones aka girls bedrooms – is tidy, clean and vaccd. All the rubbish and junk is where it is supposed to be and I have done 4 loads of washing. I spent 2 hours flying around the house with the promise of a sit, relax and a latte.

At 11.15 I sat down with the aforementioned latte and opened up my laptop. Ahhhhh.

Phone rings.

‘Hi!’ says the bright bubbly voice of Boo’s aide C

My heart sinks.

‘Oh C, what has he done nooooooowwwwww?’ I whine

‘Don’t worry, I knew you were looking forward to having a nice day all on your own, so I thought I would call you and mess with your mind’ she cackles

She seriously has a death wish.

‘No, really’ she is still cackling and I hear giggles in the background, the office ladies I expect, ‘ Boo has wet himself and needs a change of clothes and is refusing to wear the school emergency pants.’

‘I am not surprised,’ I shoot back ‘They smell like old people and arse. I will be there in 10’

Hear C relaying my comment to the office ladies, laughter ensues and I hear one exclaim ‘Ewwww!’ the other ‘How does she know!’

Hang up from C, pull the (thank you God!) school pants out of the dryer that I had just put in to ‘finish them off’, fly up the hallway to grab some undies, stare longingly at my perfectly foamed latte and drive to school to change my Boo.

After changing him I swung by Safeway to buy myself a treat. Cause I deserve it. Drive home to my now cold Latte clutching a bag of dark chocolate malteasers.

Nuke the latte (sooooo not the same!) and scoff a large handful of the malteasers, they are OK but I won’t go out of my way to buy them again. Does taste similar to choc coated coffee beans if melted in your mouth with a large gulp of scalding hot microwaved coffee…… And have a bit of a blog surf and have a look at Twitter not sure if anyone is interested in THAT much information about me though. Let me know if you want to know EXACTLY when I am wiping Boo’s arse and I will oblige.

After my break, I got the guilts about the decluttering challenge I am *supposed* to be doing (see sidebar) so I pulled apart under my sink. Yeah, it’s still all over the place. Really need to get back to it. Soon…..

Interesting items I found under my sink:

my pillowcase. Been looking for it for months
2 dust covered fire extinguishers that I didn’t know were there. Fat lot of good that was!
2 Christmas table cloths. If you are not bored senseless with me at Christmas time you will find out how much stuff I have for Christmas. I have been told it is awe inspiring.
A wet blender. Don’t know why or how it got wet. Hasn’t been used recently that I know of. Perhaps I am sleepwalking and making Margaritas in my sleep. Will explain why I am finding it hard to wake in the morning!
2 open pkts of chux. This is interesting cause I thought I was out of them and had them on my shopping list.
Tent pegs. Yeah….
Ripped insert to my picnic basket.

I haven’t thrown out much, just some empty bottles and some grungy looking chux, but it should constitute a ‘bag’ of stuff methinks.

Better get off this and clean up the mess Boo just made in the kitchen. Apparently *I* need to clean it up cause it is ‘Too dangerous’ for him to do it cause there is a fly in the kitchen…… sigh…..