I have always loved going to blogs where there is a photo of the author. I love knowing what the person I am reading about looks like 🙂 So today I bit the bullet and uploaded a picture of me and my Boo. It is not a particularly good photo of either of us but every time I see it I can’t help but smile. The photo was taken after school on the first day I left the town without him being looked after by either DH or my parents. This was a HUGE step for me. During kinder I spent the whole time at home less than a block from his kinder or at work just down the road, even though I had a mobile and trusted them completely. Partially for practical reasons – Boo wasn’t toilet trained and they weren’t ‘allowed’ to change him, so I had to be around so they could call me to change him – and also because I was a huge worry wort and found it extremely hard to hand over this kid that I had spent 24hrs a day in therapy for 3 years to others.

This particular day I had spent a lovely hour with E having a coffee before picking up my Boo. I was feeling very guilty for having me time (lets not go into that!) and walked in and my little man came running up to me to give a hug. He had never done that before. I was so happy his aide took a photo. If you look closely you can see the tears in my eyes.

So, probably TMI, but that is the story of the badly lit, mad hair, tears in the eyes photo on my blog.