woman who cracks a severe darky will cause man to become wonder husband.

Right now DH is in with Boo sitting with him till he goes to sleep.  I didn’t ask.  He came in while I was wiping Boo’s butt and told him he was sitting with him tonight.  So I am actually sitting in the loungeroom, lounging.  All by myself!

And that is not all folks!

He took over while I was cooking dinner.  I was browning onions and cutting up Boo’s cakes for the freezer and he came in and took over the onions and then offered to make the rest.  Then he brought me my plate.  Good thing I was sitting down!

He TIDIED UP after himself!

He put washing on the line.

He played nicely with Boo and didn’t raise his voice once.

And he has been especially (some could say sickeningly) nice to me.

Heck, I’ll take it.  Much better than the surly cranky old fart that he has been of late.  He better be careful though, I train very easily and if this is what it takes for him to be like this I will wake up in a foul mood every day.