I was at work working madly on a frustratingly stupid lodgment by an absolute idiot when the office was abuzz with excited chatter. Apparently someone ran in and said ‘This is real!’ and we could hear an alarm off in the distance. I work in a large building – 3 stories – that is in the process of being renovated so false alarms are an almost daily occurrence. Not today! S, the team leader comes running up to us telling us to evacuate. Laughing and joking we made our way to the fire exits when 3 firemen with breathing masks come up the stairs from the foyer. Oh. This IS actually real. A few people started panicking a little and were getting rather anxious while we had to wait for the floor above us to go down the stairs first. Made it outside to stand in the freezing gale force winds. S was bouncing all over the place to make sure we were all there, too cute 🙂 He really is a sweetie. Over 300 of us standing outside speculating on what was going on. Consensus was either malfunction in the airconditioning or terrorists. Not that far fetched as we have had a threat before (white powder found in mail) but I was hoping more for a fire. Just around my desk. Localised to the lodgement that I was working on……. By now it was past my knock off time and I wasn’t allowed to leave. We finally got the go ahead to go back in and I ran to my car to go and pick up Boo. No Fathers Day shopping for me today, darn it, but at least I got to leave in time to get the boy from school.

And Monday I still have the pleasure of dealing with the work waiting for me on my desk. Bugger.