and completely wrecked my makeup 🙂

Might seem like a little thing to some but to me it is everything.  Boo went in the big pool today at swimming lessons and he went up to his neck.  Then he blew bubbles in the water.

I got to school to pick him up early for his doctors appt (he still has an ear infection and needs another round of antibiotics) and Mrs. W the office lady came running up to me to tell me.  Then I got to the classroom and the sub teacher S – who happens to be a friend – came up to me jumping up and down to tell me.  Then his aide, C, saw us leaving and came to tell me. By then we were both blubbering.  Apparently his teacher P, who was on a PD, was messaging C all day to find out how he was going and is beside himself with excitement at Boo’s achievement.   Another teacher spent the whole time taking photos.  I cannot wait till tomorrow to see them.  I can’t believe it.  My Boo is amazing!  I am so proud.  Boo couldn’t care less about all the fuss, but I just want to squeeze him all the time.  I want to shout it from the rooftops.  I swear I have not been this excited and emotional since the first time he called me ‘Mum’.

Someone pass the tissues, the keyboard is getting wet.