Well I managed to get a couple of photos of Boo’s teeth to email to his dentist.  Dunno if they are going to be any good, but here is one.  Going to try and get a better one later when DH is home.


Not sure if you can see the absence of teeth on the right hand side (his left), they were full size this morning and now they are stubs.  The first one was slightly loose and the second *had* a filling in it…… dunno where the filling is now. There is a jagged edge on the inside now, but the gum is so inflamed on the outside I can’t tell if there is one there too.

He is in his room bouncing off the walls eating an icypole.  Obviously the excitement of earlier last week when I thought he was starting to be able to feel and acknowledge pain is gone.  This has got to hurt!  But he is unaffected.  If anything he is more, um, talkative, responsive – like when he has a fever.  He is actually BITING the icypole!  *shudder*  my teeth are hurting in sympathy.

Looking closely at the photo makes me wish I found the time to re-do my nails last night, LMAO.