Well I was.  For 45mins.  Then I got a call from Boo’s aide.  Seems Boo’s teeth are bothering him so he has decided to take them out. Yes, take them out!  They stopped him just in time, he has broken off two.  Thank GOD they are baby teeth!  Trying to get on to his dentist, he sees a specialist disability dentist who is the most amazing man in the world.  The assistant is just as amazing.  They travel around in a caravan all over the state and are the most kindest wonderful people I have ever come across, and they *get* my dude.  And I KNOW they love him too.  Just hope they are not hours away, cause I will probably have to travel to them as they came to our region recently.  Sigh.

So I have dosed him up on panadol in the vain hope that it will stop him gouging at his gums (his mouth is an absolute utter mess) and will potter around here in very close proximity to stop him making it worse.  The aide and teacher crawled around on the floor of the classroom to find the pieces of tooth that he just flung to the floor, but only found one small piece.  It doesn’t matter though, Boo doesn’t care for the toothfairy 🙂

Right now he is drawing, cutting and pasting in the family room.  He feels fine but I brought him home as a precaution as they have swimming today as well as many other changes and distractions at school.  This on top of the ear infection (yes he has been going swimming with an ear infection but he doesn’t get wet above his belly button) and it is just a recipe for another huge meltdown like he had on Friday.  He stood in front of his teacher and screamed in his face over and over.  P (the teacher) commented to me today that not one person came to investigate, which is a worry.  Boo was screaming blue murder and alone with P in the mens toilets (I trust him completely) while Boo was getting changed.

Oh how it must be boring to have a normal life……..