She is is a weird mood.   She comes in to me..

Moo:  I have to stop eating junk, I need to be healthy.  Can you help me stop me eating crap?

Me: Sure babe.

She starts FINALLY folding the washing from yesterday.  Not my job.  I don’t hang, fold or put away washing.  That is Moo and Too’s job.

2 minutes later she is standing in front of the fridge

Moo:  Do we have cream?  Yeah!  Hey mum, can I make a snickers dip?

Me:  HUH?  Yuck.  Didn’t you want to stop eating crap?

Moo:  Oh yeah…..

She goes back to folding the washing

Moo:  Dad!  Dad!  Can you go buy me some icecream!?!?

Me:  Moo…..

Moo:  Oh yeah….

Back to folding.  Now it is just one basket load, don’t know why it takes so long.

Moo:  I want a tiger

Me:  You what?

Moo:  I want a tiger, they are sooooo cute!

3 minutes go by and she is sitting on the couch looking at the washing.

Moo:  Hey last night my lip was hurting so I thought I should bite it and my teeth were already there!

Me: *sigh* So you were biting your lip and it hurt?

Moo: Yeah.  It is so weird when that happens isn’t it?

Me: Yeah……. sure.

Moo:  I want icecream.

15 year old girls are their own species.