’cause I turn into a raving lunatic by the 4th (sometimes it is even the 1st!) night of Boo deciding sleep is an optional extra.  I was unaware that there was an upgrade package on this little guy.  Some nights I would sell my firstborn – heck all 3 of them and chuck in DH as a freebie – just for a solid 8 hours.  And he doesn’t just lay there not sleeping or even watch TV or whatever.  Lately he has been mixing music (still perfecting  the Home Timber and Hardware ad and Mika’s ‘Love Today’ mix), bouncing off the walls, finding new places to spread toothpaste or I am cleaning up various bodily secretions.  So needless to say by morning I am a little frazzled.  I will walk in the office and most can tell it has been a hard night and they rub their hands with glee.  I will giggle at anything, share the shenanigans of the night before, ask stupid questions on things that I have known for years and often get up to do something and stop dead wondering what I was doing.  Oh it is hilarious.  They are not laughing AT me though, I am not offended, I would be the first to rib them if they were to do the same.

Sometimes I make the executive decision and stay home.  I know that I am too far gone in crazy-sleepdeprived-land to even contemplate trying to go to work.  It will take me weeks to fix the silly mistakes let alone picking up my workmates from the floor while they are ROFL their arses off at me. Luckily I work in an industry that gives me that luxury (and tons of carers leave) and it also helps that my boss is Moo’s best friends dad and I have known him for ages.

My workmates often talk about me on these days, wondering what happened the night before.  It is cool, they tell me about it the next day, I am a never ending source of amusement to them and not just for Boo, they love to rib me about my shoe and handbag obsessions amongst other things.

One particular day a woman that turns up at work when I suits her got in on the conversation.  I don’t have much time for this woman as she drives me up the wall.  Her daughter has diabetes and she gets more support and govt help than I do with Boo.  I don’t begrudge her this, she is entitled to that support and red tape prevents me from getting the help that I need with Boo.  No one but some idiot sitting in an office somewhere that has watched Rainman and thinks they know what Autism is at fault for that.  But this woman goes on and on about how hard *we* have it with our kids with disabilities.  Since when has diabetes been a disability?  Oh I know it can be life threatening and a right royal pain in the rectum with food issues and danger of gangrene etc etc etc.  My auntie is insulin dependant and I feel for her at Christmas when everyone is tucking in and she has to be sooooo careful and then go for a really long walk.  I am not dismissing diabetes as a little thing.  I just wouldn’t go labelling my kid as ‘disabled’.

A couple of my workmates were wondering what ridiculous things I was up to that day.  Washing in the freezer?  Milk in the oven?  Falling asleep on the loo?  When weird woman pipes up:

‘Oh I know what she is going through.  Some nights when Z’s blood sugars are up……. well I get no sleep at all.  If anything happened to me she would have to go into an institution….. ‘


What was that?

An institution?

What like the Pond’s Institute?

What planet is this woman on?  There are no ‘institutions’ as such anymore and definitely none for a 12 year old with diabetes. I feel for her daughter.  Apparently she has been overheard at work calling charities trying to get free stuff because she has a child with a disability.  Sigh.  Some people thrive on this sort of thing.  Personally I couldn’t do it.  I don’t want people to give me stuff cause I am some charity case (I want them to give me stuff cause I a fabulous!  LMAO) and I will definitely not stoop as low as that.

Can you tell that Boo hasn’t been sleeping?  I am feeling a tad delirious and will probably read this post in a couple of days time and cringe, LOL.  But my workmates will be ecstatic when they see me in the morning!