This morning I was shirty at DH.  Not your normal garden variety shirty, writing a ‘Dear DH, pull up your socks or get the hell out’ letter, kinda shirty.  He is getting lazier and more annoying every day and I swear it is all I can do not to smother him in his sleep.  Won’t get into it or the urge to write that letter to him will come back.

So I shopped.  I was in serious need of caffeine, as the Teenage Princess (aka Moo) had drank all the milk so I couldn’t have my morning latte, which is not a good thing cause I am NOT a nice person without my morning fix.  After I dropped off Boo, E came over with her adorable little bundle (I cannot believe he is almost 6 months old!) and I gave him copious kisses – oh how I ache for another one – and that calmed me.  When E left I popped into Gloria Jeans for a bucket-o-coffee and off to Kmart for some weedkiller and secataurs.  Looked at the clock and I still had 1/2 hour to kill before going to watch Boo at swimming (at his masters request) and I was standing out the front of a handbag store.  Now I don’t technically *need* a new handbag, I have enough to have a different one every day for at least a month, but I haven’t bought one for almost a year.  If you don’t count the cute little evening one I bought for Moo’s deb in June, I certainly don’t count it, LMAO.  But if you have shoe addiction, you have to have matching handbag.  It’s the rules.  Honest.

So I got this gorgeous bag.


The photo doesn’t do the colour justice, I am afraid, it is a wonderful colour and just the thing to lift my spirits.  When I got home I discovered the freebies inside.  I didn’t realise it came with the extras, so I have a new glasses case (bugger my sunnies don’t fit in it) and a purse like thing that I am going to keep my digital camera in to remind me to take it everywhere with me. I don’t have any shoes to match it…. yet 🙂  I just luuuurve this new bag, it is so much bigger than my other bags and will be perfect for when I take the kids out and end up carrying all their crap.  It even has the perfect pocket for stowing Boo’s enzymes and paraphernalia, so I can put some spares in there so if I am out and he is hungry I am not caught short.

Brilliant!  I just justified my purchase as something for one of the kids.  I have even amazed myself.  Off to put the stuff in the bag right now……..