He went swimming today and stood on the third step of the big pool!


He was IN the big pool. Down to the third step. The teachers and aides were hysterical. Apparently there are photos 🙂 can’t wait to see them cause I can hardly believe it.


This is the kid that was so terrified of water that he was bathed by chasing him around the house with a damp face washer and was too afraid to drink out of a cup in case the water touched his lip. He has come so far but the weekly hair washing (yes, only weekly. My heart, ears and neighbours can only handle it that often) is still overwhelming. He showers every day though, just from the chest down and peltingly hard water pressure.

O.M.G He went in the big pool. With all that noise. With all those kids. With the smell of chlorine – as an aside, someone told me that pools with chlorine only smell strongly when someone urinates in them, wonder if that is actually true? Meh, not really that fussed or I would Google or Wiki it or something.

He went in the big pool with all that WATER!

Come here Boo and hug your mother. I am soooooo proud of you.