Mmmmm, bucket cup of coffee……


Sitting down now to have a bit of a surf and a giggle at this blog

It is SERIOUSLY not a blog for delicate souls with lots of swearing yada yada, but when she talks about her mother, oh my, I was cringing with her and guffawing my coffee all over the keyboard. Don’t know what the etiquette (netiquette, blogiquette? Whatever!) is for linking to another blog, s’pose I should swing over there and leave her a comment telling her how she has brightened my day 🙂

House is pretty much done, just need to make the bed *Doh!* and empty the dishwasher when it finishes and tackle the ever present mount Everest in the laundry. Boo is at school today cause it is swimming day. Conversation this morning went something like this:

Me: Hey Dude, how are you today?

Boo: *mumble*

Me: How is your ear?

Boo: Shhhh.

Me: Are you Ok to go to school today?

Boo: It is Wednesday 22nd August. Swimming today.

Me: That’s right. But do you feel OK to go to school?

Boo: I have to go to school. I have to give something back. Not cash though, just need to give something back to the kids.

Me: *bloggle* OK, so you are good then?

Boo: *gets up and starts wandering around the room* Gunna give something back, that is my duty….

Still shaking my head about that one 🙂 I have to pick him up early this afternoon cause his teacher is not in today and they have a sub that he has never met before, but I have. Yes I know this guy and I do not like him in the slightest. There is no way Boo will be left in his class on his own this afternoon when his aide time runs out. This pig of a man does not cope with kids, let alone special needs kids.

Bucket cup of coffee is drained now so better get back to it. Got 2 hours before cyclone Boo comes home and I still need to don the industrial strength gloves to clean the toothpaste that mysteriously exploded all over his bedroom and scrub the poo smeared doonas – again. Considering dyeing the bloody things brown so I don’t have to worry about stains. Hmm that is an idea. I could do the carpet and lounge suite too…… all the things he loves to wipe his arse on. Which reminds me, I need to get new toothbrushes….