We just got back from the doctors.  DH in his ultimate wisdom decided to stay home and bake bread, I was not impressed to say the least.  Grrrrr.

I finally got him in the car to go in his pj’s and a doona wrapped around him.  He lost it in the car out the front of the doctors and I eventually convinced him to go in.  Boo was standing at the window while I signed in, eyes wide as saucers saying ‘It is going to be dark’ over and over.  The receptionist told me there was only one in front of us and we would be in and out pretty quickly.

I sheparded Boo to the waiting room seeing the signs of another meltdown looming.  The only seats available were right in front of the exit and Boo spent the whole time fretting over how dark it was getting.  1 hour later Boo has had one smallish meltdown, 2 lots of hysterical sobbing, numerous yelling episodes of ‘I need the doctor’ and ‘I need to go home’ and the doctor finally comes out.  Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that doctors run late, there was only one person ahead of us and they were in there for 45mins and the only appt we could get was 5.30 so close to the sun setting so no ones fault, but by now it is pitch black outside.  Oh my God it was stressful trying to keep myself calm and happy so he wouldn’t fret too much and avoid the constant stares and whispers from the waiting room.

Once the doctor came out Boo did what I was expecting and refused to go in.  Managed to coax him in and the doctor checked him out.  Boo was a star and let him do what he needed without much of a fuss.  So Boo has an ear infection.  Fantastic in a way, as that means that he is becoming more sensitive and aware of pain,  but a bugger cause that means antibiotics and that whole merry go round.

On the way home he was so stressed and I was concentrating on keeping him happy with the interior light on, I drove most of the way home with the headlights off!  People were flashing their lights and I just thought it was because they could see us inside the car, LOL, but I was really lucky considering I drove past the police station!

Oh and finally, when the doctor asked me if Boo had any allergies I told him he was allergic to dairy (bit of a language barrier so easier to say allergy than intolerance to casein) and coeliac.  I also told him that Boo couldn’t have artificial colours and flavours.  Doc turned to Boo and said, and I quote, ‘You will like this one it is a pretty pink colour and tastes like cherries!’  Sigh…….

Well his behaivour couldn’t be any worse than it is now.  Surely it couldn’t……